The parents and the prospective Trainees should read the following conditions carefully and should ensure that they will abide by these conditions before getting admitted. On no account these conditions stipulated shall be relaxed.

1. The school working hours are form:

     I Year: 1st Shift – 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

     II Year: 2nd Shift – 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

2.  Holidays will be observed only as per the list finalized by the institute.

3.  Punctually during the class hours should be followed strictly. Habitual late comers may not be allowed inside the class.

4.  During working hours no trainees will be allowed to go out of the class nor their guests/parents/friends will be allowed to disturb the trainees inside the premises.

5. The Trainees having attendance of 80% and more only will be Eligible to sit in both the annual and Government Examinations. The trainees having less than 80% at any time during the training period will not be allowed to continue their studies and names will be removed from the attendance without any notice.

6.  Tution Fees should be paid promptly by 10th of every Quarter (August, November, February and May) Defaulters will not be allowed inside the class.

7.  Parents / Guardians should meet the concerned class Instructor every month to know about the progress of the ward.

8. Class furniture and fittings will be the trainee’s collective responsibility. In the event of any willful or otherwise damage by any trainee or trainees, he/they will be removed from the Institution apart from recovering from them, the cost of loss/damage.

9.  The Anjuman administration will not be responsible for any injury or sickness which may occur to them during the course of their training.

10.  The trainees will be held responsible for the tools or any articles entrusted to them during the period of training.

11.  In case the trainee wishes to withdraw from training for any reason or try to withdraw by willfully absenting himself or adopting any other unfair practice, he has to pay the whole cost of the training including fees etc as will be determined by the authorities.